Brookfield Celebrates International Women’s Day

International Woman’s Day is a perfect opportunity for us to celebrate and recognise the incredible achievements and infectious work ethic of our CEO, Jo Brookman. So, we’ve asked her a few quick-fire questions on her views of women in the workplace & her female inspirations.

1. What are your views on International Woman's Day?

"Honestly, I don’t give it a huge amount of thought. Perhaps I’ve been lucky in my career, I’ve never been exposed to gender issues in the workplace. I respect the sentiment wholly but I want to be recognised for my achievements as a human being."

2. What is your opinion on the gender divide in Brookfield?

"The Brookfield team has evolved and developed over the past 15 years with varying divides between gender. I’m really happy with our existing team, based on its fab personality and great skill – the gender divide is actually quite balanced, we always seem to have been more female weighted... that’s just how its panned out!"

3. How does Brookfield Digital cultivate equality in the workplace?

"By treating everyone with equal respect and/or contempt! When managing individuals, you always tweak your style because different people respond well to different leadership styles. It’s not gender-oriented it's people-oriented. I’d like to think we lead by example. That’s not to say we haven’t had the odd HR issue in the past, which has been dealt with decisively at the time."

4. How have women helped you to succeed?

"I have had a lot of strong women in my life. My mother is a strong woman, my first boss was perhaps one of the toughest women I’ve worked with. I have many female clients who I adore working with, and I have great women on my team. I could say the same for men. But I guess having a strong female influence early in my career gave me real confidence in myself from a young age."

5. As a child did you feel as a woman, you'd be a CEO of your own company?

"Yes. Although I expected it to be far easier!"

6. What is your advice to young women looking to pursue a career in marketing?

"Work hard and you will be rewarded. Acknowledge your faults/knowledge gaps, and proactively do something to address them. Nobody’s going to do it for you, take responsibility"

7. Which women inspire you the most and why?

"My first boss inspired me because she really held her own! Back at a time where the business world was more male-dominated. I also love Karen Brady for a lot of the same reasons. Lots of things inspire me..."