Database & Email Marketing

Data is key to delivering tactical, targeted marketing communications.  This facilitates more direct bookings (reduction in third party reliance), better customer loyalty, and lower digital acquisition costs. Brookfield email marketing services include:

  • Database Management - Specification and development of a clean, well-segmented and well maintained database – whether active customers, past users, members, prospects or a combination of all.
  • Tactical Campaigns – Development of segment-targeted tactical campaigns to fill gaps in the business at key need times.
  • Marketing Automation – Scheduled, dynamic email content to guide your customers through the purchasing experience, boosting upsells pre-visit, and encouraging loyalty/positive reviews post-visit.
  • Dynamic Content Delivery – Sharing email content that’s relevant to your databases online behaviour and preferences, improving engagement and building social shares.

The Brookfield email marketing programme is designed to support a joined up digital marketing strategy. 

To find out more about our digital marketing services, please call 0845 094 0128.