Search Engine Optimisation

Our digital plans are designed for optimum search engine visibility. Complete Search Engine Optimisation is an all-encompassing process; a best practice approach to managing and maintaining your online presence. Our SEO services are centred on:

  • Keyphrase Research, Selection & Targeting – Assessing trends and ensuring you’re always targeting the most profitable user groups.
  • Technical Optimisation – Ensuring your website is technically optimum for indexing – I.e. page speed, server management, security updates, clean code and error free.
  • Content Optimisation – Ensuring content throughout the website is optimised for target keyword clusters and growth in terms of page authority.
  • Profile Building – Offsite SEO is equally as crucial as onsite. We ensure that external / third party websites are unique in terms of content, and targeted toward the appropriate audience.
  • Social Media Integration – Ensuring that the social media strategy is supporting the overall search strategy.

Search Engine Optimisation is a core part of the digital marketing plan, however is affected by all other digital activities and therefore should form part of a joined-up digital strategy.

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