Social Media

Expansions and developments within Social Media changed the Digital Marcomms mix indefinitely. Direct interaction between the brand and the customer, customer-to-customer (C2C) recommendation and viral content being delivered through a variety of platforms, typically via the major channels of FaceBook, Twitter, You Tube, Instagram and Google Plus.

In the bygone era of traditional communications an unhappy customer would share the experience with 8 people; - at the press of a button they now spread their opinions to thousands – the impact of Social Media is very real and here to stay. Email campaigns are received and read more frequently on Smartphone's and tablets than inboxes and platforms such as Google Plus are a regular feature on search results pages.

Social Media is no longer a standalone module of the digital plan. It has to be integrated with all the other areas; "The whole being greater than the sum of the parts". The success of Brookfield social media campaigns is due to our meticulous 5 stage process.

  • Analyse:- Analysing and auditing enabling us to see how you are currently performing on Social Media and plan an effective course of action.
  • Strategy Creation:- Identifying your goals and objectives and using these to create a strategy which maximises your budget spend.
  • Campaign Planning and Content Creation:- Planning and creating content to engage and inform your audience. Updating and maintaining of brand communication across all channels.
  • Community Building and Management:- Building and managing a community of customers and increasing advocacy with Social Media. We keep them informed with new developments and use this as a CRM channel.
  • Monitoring and Reporting:- Regular monitoring to ensure that we maintain brand values and respond to customer queries. Regular reporting to demonstrate success, enable ongoing strategy refinement and provide customer insight.

The Brookfield Strategy will help you harness the power of Social Media by choosing the right platform for your audience, integrating with your database, email communications and website updates – all of which are key to creating an engaging and receptive social network

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