Vouchermine - Turning your Super Service into a Super Marketing Product

Vouchermine provides our clients with the capability to sell products and service offerings in a bespoke way. It is a simple, yet effective device that when used strategically, can become more than just an ‘add on sale’; It can become an imperative tool to support and optimise the way you market your business.

Apparent, yet poignant to mention, gift vouchers can provide the opportunity to productise your service offering and turn it into a physical product. With this, the notion that time and service has a limitation on its capability to be sold, turning this into a product can essentially remove such limitations, for an unlimited selling potential. Therefore, it is evidential that the success of ‘experience vouchers’ can hold just as much, if not more potential value for businesses than simply monetary vouchers. Why? Because you have created a ‘Super Product’: A product that defies the idea ‘money can’t buy an experience’.

How can your business capitalise on this theory? Its justification holds the answer: Experience, which leads to buy-in, which leads to loyalty.

The hospitality industry gives omen to this entity in its entirety. The foundations and success of a hotel come down to the customer experiencing the service that your business provides. A positive experience, a positive review or recommendation; therefore, a brand buy-in.  Productising such ‘experiences’ into a gift voucher allows limitless opportunities for a ‘customer, to loyal-customer’ conversion. Not only an open-door invitation to your brand but an opportunity to monetise your marketing. However, Vouchermine goes further than merely an opportunity for PR, it also poses as a tool that can accurately track your businesses marketing efforts.  How? Productising your campaign into a voucher will allow detailed analytics for specific results, measuring the uptake and success, through numerical data.

What further benefits you, the hotelier, is the ability to tailor experience vouchers to the individuals you WANT to convert from ‘customer to loyal-customer’. Therefore, strategic, well thought through experience packages are vital for the success of increasing sales for your business and enticing your desired customer. Moreover, productising experiences allow you to control the type (and amount) of exposure of your business the customer initially gains exposure to- so choose it wisely.

With the above in mind, it is crucial you optimise the opportunities that a voucher system can bring to your business. Most, if not all businesses within the hospitality industry are now setting up gift vouchers as the new ‘industry norm’.

So how does Vouchermine stand out of this ‘industry norm’?

With fluid integration into your current website, a 24/7 selling opportunity, a user friendly (and efficient) dashboard that can be accessed anytime and anywhere, excellent and efficient customer service, voucher payment, and the opportunity for both online and onsite voucher setups, we tick all of the boxes of a highly astute gift voucher provider company you see on the market today. But what we truly believe pitches us above the rest, is our primary form; a digital marketing agency.  Not only this, a digital marketing agency that focuses its energy and expertise within the hospitality industry, working alongside some of the most esteemed hoteliers and brands in the country. Therefore, to us, our voucher system has become far more than a product; it is a vital marketing weapon that we believe the hospitality industry can defy the limitations service-centred businesses have previously faced, using your very own ‘Super Marketing Product’.