Web Development

Website design, development and usability go hand in hand. We take a conversion-led approach to all web development projects, ensuring that the end product not only delivers a great brand experience, but delivers results.

Our web development strategy methodology considers all aspects of the overall digital marketing strategy – such as data capture, search engine friendliness, mobile marketing and conversion rate.

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Web Development Strategy

Objectives & KPI's

Ensuring design and functionality are linked to revenue objectives.

Market Segmentation

Consideration of the user journey and buying process for maximum conversion.

Competitor Review

Ensuring we deliver the most streamlined user experience in your competitor set.

Website Architecture

The development of a user and search engine friendly website structure.

Technical Specification

Incorporating search engine requirements and required functionality.

Design Specification

Ensuring the website emulates the physical customer experience.

The Process We Follow

Strategy & Planning

Our goal-led web development planning process ensures all requirements both from a user and commercial perspective are met. All elements of the development plan are agreed prior to production and copy-writing. This phase incorporates;

  • Design Specification - Incorporating brand standards, developing web standards where applicable, and ensuring the website is designed and structured to deliver a seamless user journey.
  • Technical Specification - Content Management System (CMS) requirements, functionality and integrations (i.e booking engines, Database / CRM integration).
  • SEO Specification - Content structure, SEO integrations (i.e reviews) and performance metrics.
  • Content Development Plan - Tone of voice, content briefs and formatting requirements.

All elements are approached from a mobile, tablet and desktop users perspective.

Design & Build

The majority of resource is required for this phase of the project. Various milestones will be agreed during the planning phase, and delivered as below:

  • Once the strategy is finalised, the design process will start. Concepts will be provided across multiple devices.
  • The website will be developed on a secure staging server - All functionality and integrations will be built in this environment.
  • At agreed development stages we will circulate secure demo links for review, feedback and amends.
  • Once the website structure has been developed, content will be populated based on the agreed Content Development Plan.

Once fully developed and content is signed off, the snagging process will commence.

Testing & Snagging

The snagging phase includes a rigorous testing procedure, incorporating both technical and user requirements:

  • User Acceptance Testing - Scenario based benchmarking of the customer journey and identification of improvements.
  • Technical Testing - Ensuring SEO and CMS requirements are met.
  • Snagging - Ensuring all links, functionality and content are functioning in line with the original brief.
  • Tracking Systems - Ensuring tracking systems are accurately reporting (i.e call tracking, event tracking)

Once fully tested and changes implemented, the website can enter the launch phase.

Website Launch

The website Launch phase incorporates pre and post-launch testing procedures, designed to ensure:

  • Traffic and rankings are preserved
  • The transition is seamless from a user perspective (error free)
  • The new solution meets expectations in terms of conversion and performance
  • Inbound links are updated where necessary to preserve page rankings

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