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Brookfield are digital experts that specialise in the hospitality industry. We deliver outstanding business development results for hotels, health clubs, spas and restaurants across the UK and Europe.

As a full service digital agency we work in partnership with both franchised and independent hotels. Whether you are a full service destination, boutique or a limited service hotel we have a digital strategy that will lift your bookings and revenue whilst reducing your distribution costs. 

Each digital strategy is delivered by a team of in-house experts. Their digital experience is underpinned with a complete understanding of the hospitality industry and the many challenges that venues face in communicating with the digitally connected consumer. So what’s the bottom line?

Gift Voucher Manager

The Brookfield Gift Voucher Management System is a cloud-based application that allows your venue to promote and sell Electronic or Postal Gift Vouchers via your own website.

Reduce OTA Reliance

There is a great deal of evidence pointing to the guests wanting to book direct with hotels but the all pervasiveness of the OTAs can be hard to overcome.

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The Bottom Line - All of the Brookfield services and products have been designed to increase revenue and reduce reliance on OTAs. These Brookfield services are delivered by our in-house experts. Our focus is to provide all Brookfield clients incremental business through direct digital channels. This business is evidenced in increased room bookings, wedding and C&E enquiries and spa bookings.  Contact us today to get started.